Fatherless Daughter Archetypes

What is your Fatherless Daughter Archetype?

Bernadette Jackson

Founder & Executive Director

Bernadette Jackson is a Relationship Engagement Strategist, the author of Access Authenticity and Daughter Heal: A Call to Fatherless Daughters To Take a Fresh Look At Old Wounds. She is also a transformational speaker who has graced the TEDx stage using her 10+ years in strategy development & mentorship to create safe spaces for fatherless daughters to learn, grow and heal.

Growing up fatherless, Bernadette is intimately aware that the absence of a father affects your view of yourself and what you believe you deserve. She spent much of her youth working tirelessly to convince the people around her that she had value and deserved to be loved. When the Lord revealed to her that she needed to give herself the love she wanted to receive from others, she embarked on a healing journey. It was the best decision she made. It set her on the path of self discovery and led her to her purpose. Now Bernadette is not only the Founder of Daughter Heal where she helps fatherless daughters to stop allowing their coping and defense mechanisms to masquerade as their personality so that they show up authentically in the world and start to attract aligned relationships but she also sees private clients as the CEO and Lead Strategist at H.E.R Consulting Group.

She is passionate about making sure that every fatherless  daughter she meets has the tools she needs to show up as the woman of value that she was designed to be. She truly believes that healing elevates relationships.